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Cies Islands Boat Tickets

Boat ticket to Cies Islands

Important info!!!
There is a daily limit of visitors to Cies Islands therefore we recommend to book your tickets in advance as they quickly sell out!


* From Vigo, Baiona and Cangas

* Duration of the boat trip: 45 mins

You can also book with us:

* Camping with own tent or hire a tent with twin beds
* Restaurant
* Snorkling

Departure times:

Vigo - Cies:      09.15am  10.15am   11.00am   12.15pm  13.00pm  15.30pm  16.15pm  17.00pm  18.15pm  19.00pm

Cies - Vigo:      13.00pm  14.00pm  17.00pm  18.00pm  19.15pm  19.45pm  20.00pm


Baiona - Cies  09.45 am  11.00am  12.00pm   16.18pm  18.00pm  19.45pm

Cies - Baiona:   12.45pm  16.45pm  19.00pm   20.15pm


Cangas - Cies:  08.50am   09.45am   11.45am  12.00am   15.00pm  15.45pm  17.45pm

Cies - Cangas 13.00pm  17.00pm  18.15pm   19.15pm   19.45pm 



Vigo - Cies:      10.15am   *10.45am   12.15pm   15.30pm  18.15pm 

Cies - Vigo:      13.00pm    17.00pm  *18.15pm  19.15pm  *19.45pm 

(*) The times with the * only operate Saturdays, Sundays and festivity days



Vigo - Cies  10.15am  10.45am   12.15pm  15.30pm  16.15pm  18.15pm       

Cies - Vigo:   13.00m  17.00pm   18.15pm   19.15pm   19.45pm


BOOK NOW your tickets and assure your trip to Islas Cies

Please advise the boat times and all passengers names and passport or ID numbers

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